All Aboard the Performance Truck!

And just who IS Ron Ehmke, anyway? He's a writer, performer, media artist, curator,  archivist, editor, minister, and other things. He often refers to himself in the third person. This site is a work-in-progress, but so is life itself, so keep stopping by and see if anything has happened since your last visit.



 SOAKING IN THE SEVENTIES is an ongoing project of mine, already several years in the making, celebrating some of the deeper nooks and crannies of popular culture in the 1970s and examining the lasting impact of that decade on our current era. For now, the project takes the form of interconnected "seeds" of words, images, and sounds "planted" all over the internet: in Facebook and Tumblr posts, annotated Apple Music and YouTube playlists, Amazon and Goodreads lists, and elsewhere. For more information on the project as a whole and where to find other seeds, bookmark Each "seed" will be revised and updated in real time, so check back often for updates.

This is an open-source experiment, so your feedback—including recommendations and requests for artifacts of the era to revisit—is most welcome.