All Aboard the Performance Truck!

And just who IS Ron Ehmke, anyway? He's a writer, performer, media artist, curator,  archivist, editor, minister, and other things. He often refers to himself in the third person. This site is a work-in-progress, but so is life itself, so keep stopping by and see if anything has happened since your last visit.


Purchase ART, goods, & services from Ron & co. Prices start at


Purchase ART, goods, & services from Ron & co. Prices start at


EVERYTHING you see here is for sale or barter. Please e-mail 
to order any item or get more details about it. We are not set up to handle online payment or credit cards at the current time. All prices are on a sliding scale; you may trade art, goods, or services of your own for anything on this list. You must cover shipping & handling yourself, although some items can be delivered in person if you live in Western New York. This list is updated frequently, so please check back often. 

Bespoke Performances (I tailor a live performance to your desires) : $50-$5000 (depending on how elaborate your desires are)

T-shirts (many worn by Ron in his life and/or in his art) : $5 (Ron picks out a freshly laundered shirt for you from his collection) up to $100 (Ron decorates a brand-new shirt just for you, signs it, & posts a picture of you wearing it on this site)

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