All Aboard the Performance Truck!

And just who IS Ron Ehmke, anyway? He's a writer, performer, media artist, curator,  archivist, editor, minister, and other things. He often refers to himself in the third person. This site is a work-in-progress, but so is life itself, so keep stopping by and see if anything has happened since your last visit.


Welcome to my nightmare

You know what, kids? Uncle Ron is a jaw-dropping 55 years old now and unlike his Gadget Guy husband, he pretty much fucking hates roughly 75% of the marvelous technoworld that currently surrounds us. Golden Age of TV? Horseshit. Gimme Mary Tyler Moore any day of the week. Social networks? In the immortal words of Robert Plant, "Does anyone remember ACTUAL socials and REAL networks?" Frankly, Uncle Ron hated going to ice cream socials down at the soda shop, and the word "networking" has made him heave since the very first day he saw it. As for this here everybody's-gotta-have-a-website jazzamatazz that you're all so hepped up about, Uncle Ron hears you and often tells other artists the very same thing, but when push comes to shove, he would rather be writing and making art and performing than learning how the latest goddam cross-platform immersive meta-application upgrade works, since he gave up giving a shit 5 upgrades back, when you were in second grade learning to write code for some device that allows you to virtually peer inside your next door neighbor's bush. Why not just go outside and look in the bush yourself? Might learn a thing or two about gardening while you're at it!

Long story short, three quarters of the time I don't know what the fuck I'm doing as I "design" this site, but these days everybody on the planet is a DIY guy or gal, so now I too am a DIY guy or gal. If you look at this site and have any ideas how to make it better and can show me how, by all means spill the beans.